Solar Panels will now be able to generate electricity even in the dark of night

Solar panels generate electricity by absorbing solar energy from the sun’s rays, but now scientists have begun to develop solar power generators at night.

Solar panels around the world generate electricity by absorbing solar energy from the sun’s rays in daylight, but now Australian scientists have made significant progress in this regard so that solar can generate electricity even at night.

When the solar cell is heated, it starts emitting light, that is, it can reverse the process. Now, thanks to this, a practical model has been developed that can generate electricity even at night. In the practical demonstration of such technology, the soldiers who have seen the scene at night have seen it before.

The sun that falls on the earth during the day warms the earth and at night this heat is released from the earth and goes back to space. This is the heat that can be used to generate electricity, and scientists have begun the process of making solar panels to generate electricity in the dark of night, naming it Optical Coupling with Deep Space.

It is currently a small prototype but can be used with current solar cell technology, although the device still generates a small amount of electricity. This is called the thermo-radioactive process, in which electricity can be generated by emitting infrared rays, ie heat, from a hot cell or a cold solar cell, especially at night.

It is made using mercury cadmium telluride, which has already been used in infrared devices. When it was heated to 20 degrees Celsius, it received two milliwatts per square meter except for one square meter. While this is a small amount, it certainly demonstrates the usefulness of the technology.

According to a study published in Science Alert, specially designed panels are capable of absorbing the slightest C-radiation emitted from the earth at night and converting the same radiation into electricity.

According to scientists, this will save the cost of storing electricity at night, this technology will be able to generate a quarter of electricity at night in accordance with sunlight.

One scientist involved in the research claims that this technology is a positive step towards the production of clean and environmentally friendly energy.


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