The ship that sank 300 years ago, loaded with tons of gold and silver

Last year, new images were released of a ship sinking in the sea laden with tons of gold, silver, and diamond jewels.

The historic San Jose ship sank in the deep sea 300 years ago, and the heartbeat of treasure hunters around the world is quick to hear its name.

According to experts, the ship was carrying at least 200 tons of gold, silver, and precious stones. The ship sank in 1708 off the coast of the Colombian port city of Cartagena. The treasury is valued at several billion US dollars.

When the wreckage of the missing ship was discovered in 2015, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos called it the most valuable treasure ever found in human history.

Following a recent extensive diving expedition to a depth of 950 meters, the Colombian military has now released new images of the legendary ship and its treasures.

Cannons, porcelain, glass bottles and apparently gold coins can also be seen in these images, according to Colombia’s acting president Ivan Duke, these are the most accurate images of the ship so far.

Divers arrived at the wreck four times with high-tech equipment, and the mission included a remote-controlled diving robot.

Divers, meanwhile, were able to determine if the wreckage was still safe from human interference, but the depths of the famous shipwreck, along with spectacular images, revealed something more.

At a distance of a few hundred meters, the wreckage of two other ships was also found in front of the camera.

The treasure, laden with San Jose, was collected from Spanish colonies in Latin America, and in 1708 it was sent to the court of King Philip V of Spain, but it never arrived.

On the night of June 7, the ship and its treasury were sunk by the British navy in the Caribbean Sea, with only a few of the 600 or more crew members surviving.

Colombia then set about rescuing the wreckage and finding the treasure, at a cost of about 65 65 million. The wreckage of the ship will be housed in a museum in Cartagena.


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