Envirement is the most important thing study, we are talking about your study envirement,

1: Try to choose a separate place for study where anybody can't disturb you. It can be a separate room.

2: Make a To-do list for at least every week, in start try to add easy task.

3: Always behave like a teacher, assume your self as a teacher and a student at the same time

 Because you can guide yourself more then other teachers or a mentor

 4: Turn off your all social media notification, you mobile should be away form you during study time

 4: Don't use your mobile phone for online study or help, always use laptop or a Desktop. Because mobile is can distract more then the other.

 4: Drink a large glass of water or a juice and also keep away from the junk foods and tea, take energy drink instead of these

 5: Fix your 5 or 6 hour for a study in day, After a one week your brain will be more focused and energetic